Listen to Me Get Angry About Money This Wednesday

I’ll be on the Podcasting/Vlogging for Money Show (hosted By John C. Havens of this Wednesday, December 6 at 10:00PM EST.  Teamforcers would do well to participate in this through Talkshoe‘s software or telephone interface.  Other guests include Chris Brogan and Justin Kownacki.
The subject?
It’s the age old question of “Art versus Commerce,” or “Craft or Cash.”  If you podcast/videocast/create new media, should you be entitled to get paid for what you do?  If so, how can you monetize successfully while not turning off your audience?

Because it’s through Talkshoe, it’s actually a live program that gets podcasted at a later date.
Podcast feed.

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  1. Luke, have you ever thought of branding Digital Citizen with an off-the-wall cartoon character mascot spouting a crazy catch phrase? Hello, Poochie?

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