Life among toadies

I watched our garbage men lift a bag out of our can today, spilling its contents. Those contents happened to be books. He then proceeded to go through them, literally throwing them over his head as he did. Then he threw what hadn’t fallen to the ground into the truck. Next he literally threw off the lids of my neighbor’s cans, went through them, and tossed the contents into the truck. Afterwards he simply threw them down, so there is now a mass of cans and lids strewn across my sidewalk.

This wouldn’t even be so bad, but here’s the other kicker. Someone who lives in my four unit building decided they would do me and Dawn a favor by picking up our recycling and placing it into their can! Of course, the garbage man don’t want no recycling, so he took it out and threw it on the ground. Of course, recycling has already been picked up on our block. So now, we will have to wait two weeks to get it picked up, and because we were running late this morning it is going to sit on our curb all day.

How is it that both the Priest who lives downstairs and the lawyer-to-be who lives downstairs both don’t know how to properly put garbage out? I’m told this 30 year old law student has never worked a day in his life. And the priest, well…lets just say he doesn’t know to shut off the sounds in AIM.