Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them

Reading (rather, listening) to this on my week off. Very funny, full of great anecdotes and of course works very hard to disprove the many many lies made by the right. I was talking about it with the peeps today and I realized that the biggest problem a book like this has is that anything that gets printed or eventually retracted or corrected or proven wrong by Al Franken has already fed itself into the mass mind. The damage is done and the virus has spread. The only way to stop these kinds of lies (it seems) is to stop them from appearing at all- by changing the entire business of journalism, or by having a seperate- but just as strong and just as ‘legitimate’ in the eyes of the public- voice to offer the truth with the exact speed and power the original source had. I guess this is why Franken and co. are coming up with Air America.

It was very scary to hear about the many lies that could quickly be disproved by doing simple google searches. Enjoying it regardless.

Updated Life at Low Resolution. Check it.

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