Leaving home again

Oh how quickly it goes, this winter holiday.  It feels like I only just left work yet I feel like I’ve been home with my wife and kid forever.  We realized quickly that this would be something special, just the ability to take the time and spend my days with them.  Since Dawn’s staying at home with Max during the week it really felt like a chance to be with them in a way that I never really am.  It was also a chance to help her in what ways I could and just enjoy their company with completely undivided attention.

I have never had a slavish devotion to work, and I suppose it can be seen as a problem, but if there was a way for me to just raise my son at home with my wife every day I would take it in a second.  I’ve never really defined my life through my work, for better or worse, but it just feels like such a terrible thing to endure when I know I can be home with the two of them.

The holidays were stressful and wonderful in equal measure.  Of course we didn’t get to see everyone we wanted, and going home is always a challenge.  Since we were taking Max on his first big road trip, we prepared as much as we could and decided to hit the road at 5:30 in the morning.  Early departures have always been part of my MO- a direct inheritance from my dad- and getting out the door and on the road was no problem.  Driving long distances with a crying baby is still something I’m not quite used to yet, but all told, I think we did just fine.

The rest of the holidays were spent either enjoying ourselves at home or shuffling up to the suburbs to visit with Dawn’s family, who are so welcoming and wonderful that I truly feel that theirs is our second home.

My only real regret from this vacation is that we didn’t get a chance to spend time with our friends.  We traditionally celebrate New Years with a big group of old friends and some friends of ours were in from out of town as well and we just couldn’t coordinate a meet up.  Another tradeoff in parenting that we’ll gladly take, but it smarts a bit.

Anyway, I hope yours was as restful, tiring, fun filled and melancholic as mine.  Now to get to work on Second Christmas- February 28th is just around the corner!

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