Whats up with The Ladytron putting out a mix cd? Can I put one out too? How does a band get to put out a compilation of music they like? Those degenerate pricks!

Speaking of degenerates, I picked up the Michel Gondry DVD this weekend. It is unfortunately not complete, but it has a lot of really amazing work and is utterly hilarious. Some of the videos interpret music so literally it is like you are watching the music play out before you, yet in a way you’d never considered. Great great great stuff. Spike Jonze’s real name is Adam Spiegel.

5 thoughts on “Ladytron”

  1. i am also into the creation of mix mp3 cds, with albums instead of songs being mixed. i would not laugh in the face of any mix tape, especially not one that is totally hott. i would have confidence that at some point in time, i would believe it to be exactly what i was looking for. btw… the picture of you in the corner of your cam pic makes me think of the titanica sketch from mr. show.

  2. Mix tapes are very hard for me now. Its like they got lost in the revolution or something. Instead of Mix Tapes I make a cd of albums I could potentially want to listen to at some point during the weak. I made a mixed CD for a trip a few weaks ago, but my initial enthusiasm for DDR songs waned much quicker than I’d imagined. And thus, my mixed cd was ruined. Jon, I am going to make you a totally hott mix tape. And you are going to laugh in my face.

  3. if you offered up a compilation of music, i would be interested in it… though i am in love with the idea of a good mix tape. I have been trying to construct one for the past 17 months. my problem is that the core of a good mixtape is pop..and i am not grounded in pop.

  4. Poo POO indeed. If your local barnes and noble has a dvd section, you ought check there. Missing things include the Lenny Kravitz video he did, a handful of videos he says, “Didn’t come out right.” Actually the only thing I can think of is the Lenny Kravitz video right now, but I just got up. Needless to say, the “Around the World” video IS on it, and that video alone is worth the price of admission.

    There are so many great things on it though. The Kylie Minogue video is such a trip. If you continue not to be able to find it I will use my fair use rights to make a copy for you to view until such a time that you can obtain your own.

  5. What are some of the things the Gondry DVD are missing? I can’t wait to get see it, but none of the fine establishments around me have it, and I don’t dig on the whole e-commerce thing too much.

    Seriously though, for like five years I have said, man, I wish they would release a collection of Gondry’s videos. Now they have, I and I don’t own it yet.

    poo on me.

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