IP + TV = IPTV (Milestone 3)

IPTV is quickly becoming a popular way of viewing content on the net. I don’t think it’s ready to take off just yet, but yet another of my favorite bloggers has jumped into the fold:

Evolve.tv = Kos interviews Middle East expert Juan Cole

Other IPTV Programs
Digital Life TV

Another aspect of IPTV is the rise of Vlogging- Video Blogging- which often combines the confessional aspect of blogging with interesting video and cell phone footage. In their terms, “Mundane is the new Subversive.” Here are some video blogs.

It’s funny to return to this kind of one-to-many viewing paradigm but even here the internet provides interactivity through the form of email and user comments as well as the democratization of televised media, and ultimately no censorship as there is no FCC and no advertising calling the shots. This is not necessarily the future of the medium, but it could well become a part of the larger media landscape.

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