If you step back and think about it, Lost is a terrible show.

Yes, they’re really good at keeping you hooked week in and week out, but really what kind of story are they telling?  They’ve built up and tried to justify so much mythos, from those things they never should have bothered addressing to those they’ve long forgotten, Lost is a mess of made up science and ham fisted romance.

When the show started, they had a pretty simple formula: tell a little mystery tale and use it to explore the emotional lives of the folks on the island.  Starting with season 2 they strayed further and further away as they tried to keep the hardcore fans happy with answers that asked more questions and new, increasingly bizarre questions.  They lost sight of what was powerful about the show- examining how people live in this circumstance and the emotions that brought them there.

I’ll admit that I will watch this season through to the end, but I’m not going to pretend I’m watching because it’s a good show.


Note: The things that happened to Lost also happened to Buffy, Angel and Alias to name a few shows and they tend to happen to most serialized shows after a while.  The universe of the program consumes everything else over time.

2 thoughts on “If you step back and think about it, Lost is a terrible show.”

  1. Lost is not literally the only thing left to watch. 24 is a real suspenseful show if you’re looking for one. It’s actually original, too.

  2. i agree, but it’s literally the only thing left to watch these days. alias imploded way before it got anywhere, perhaps because the universe was already so narrow. plus they stole all their mythos from buffy.

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