ICKs box 360

So I played with the new xbox today at EB, the controller is HORRIBLE! They even did something I’d been wishing for- moved the black and white buttons to the shoulder. HOWEVER, they somehow managed to make it feel awful. The playstation controller has two shoulder buttons on either side of the controller, which are easily manipulated by the middle and ring fingers. The trigger design is really meant for the index finger, which means you either have to use the middle for the trigger and the index for the shoulder, or switch between the buttons with the single index. Suddenly the black and white buttons below the colored “jewels” seems pretty nice, not to mention the “<<" and start buttons have now been relocated as well, on either side of the "X" in the middle, which now launches xbox live. When you're launching a new console based on one your audience is just getting adapted to, whose backwards compatibility is being touted as a major feature, you'd think they'd try to normalize the controller configuration a bit.

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