I Don’t Watch TV

Do you watch TV? Have cable? No? Yes? Who cares? Well, obviously everyone who doesn’t have it cares, because everyone I know who doesn’t have cable or a tv seems to bring it up constantly. I’m not talking about everyone, and I’m certainly not talking about my fellow teamforcers. There are any number of perfectly valid reasons to not have a tv. However, bragging about it as though the mere fact of your not watching tv is such a tired, useless cliche. But I have real reasons to call you out on it too! As a person who lives in society, who is an American, and who like most of my peers is driven to understanding in some way why we live the way we do, why wouldn’t I watch TV? I know what you’re saying, “TV is a nick name, and nicknames are for friends, and television is no friend of mine!” Be gone with you! How about instead of criticizing something outright why don’t you participate in it first, then get back to me and tell me how you feel. If you are working out some kind of cultural critique, political manifesto, whatever, and you really believe you are looking into the way Americans live and work, you damn well should be checking out whats on TV once in a while. It’s how people are informed! Don’t look at me like I’m crazy when i tell you i heard John Kerry is a French War Criminal Wind Surfer! I heard it on the news! You can’t begin to critique until you understand what you’re critiquing.

I’m so tired of people doing whatever it takes to prove they’re better than most people. We’re all people and we’re all in it together, flaws and all. What good does it do to simply step aside and say your better than the rest. If that’s the case then get the fuck out my brothers and sisters! People aren’t SHEEP and they aren’t CATTLE, they are social beings who do in fact look to each other for guidance and understanding, but they are also INDIVIDUALS! Imagine that!

So lets all get together and do what we can for this place instead of critiquing from afar. Its a lot more fun I tell you. How else are we going to talk about the new season of Veronica Mars?

6 thoughts on “I Don’t Watch TV”

  1. I will insert my trademarked asshole catch phrase here, “I’m too busy making TV to watch it.” With that said, I’m ready to smash my Tivo with a hammer if I ever encounter a broadcast flag. Broadcast flags represent the true problem with the greedy bastards behind commercial television and the belief that somehow, DVR owners are criminals. I also realize this comment is slightly off topic.

  2. Bah, fuck people! The only thing they’re good for, myself included, is being used as living batteries for the machines that will eventually rule us all.

    Also, I don’t watch TV, I watch TV shows. TV is for chumps, TV shows is where its at. I’m so sick of being pitched to buy something literally every minute of the 18 hours a day I’m awake. If my years of watching TV has taught me anything, its that Ted Kazinsky was some kind of frickin’ genius and had the right idea, minus the part where he mails bombs to people.

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