House of Sand and Fog

So I watched House of Sand and Fog the other night. What a fantastic film. It really crystallized a lot of things I’ve been thinking about lately about the way we live in America. Hell, it could be construed as a metaphor for America’s efforts to democratize the middle east. Pointing it out may put me firmly in the realm of ‘merica haters to some (aboslutely not), but the movie really shows us just how screwed up and wasted we’ve become. A country of enternal children who are too lazy to get anything done properly and then have the nerve to bitch about it when things don’t go their way.

Apparently some have problems with the likelyhood of the events of the movie realistically taking place, and they don’t like Connelly’s character because she’s so “weak.” I think the real problem is that they were uncomfortable watching some honest to god truth telling before their very eyes. Watch how the cop immediately suspects the “foreigners” (American citizens by the way) are revelling in Kathy’s misfortune. Watch how they quietly conspire to exploit the family’s status as immigrants. Yes the film does go to extremes, and yes Kingsly’s character is no angel, but it really is does dare to show us a bit of ourselves we really don’t want to know about, and to that I say bravo!

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