Halo Fu

I never thought I’d say it, but much to Dawn’s chagrin I am really enjoying Halo 2. The narrative is engrossing enough to keep me interested in continuing, and the enemy ai- even in Normal mode- really feels like I’m fighting against more than cpu controlled bots. There’s just a lot more personality than I’d ever thought I’d see in a bunch of essentially faceless space marines and aliens. I guess it helps so far that this time the marines do in fact have faces (at least for a little while), and some of them have David Cross’ voice.

Having never really touched Halo, I was surprised by the turns the plot takes. One scene has me in some type of Covenant lab with nasty creatures reassembling themselves after lasers cut them apart, over and over and over. As I saw a laser slowly sawing through one of these things while peaking through a doorway I was actually a little horrified. The whole level is really creepy.

Another thing Halo 2 really succeeds in is scope. As you hop in vehicles or jump down into 3 story tall walking tanks, you really feel like you are in the middle of something amazingly huge.

Who knew? (Everyone but me)

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  1. a ha! halo has finally sucked you in. it was only a matter of time. sucka! after your overt malise of halo 1,this is quite a retribution. ;)josh will be pleased.

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