Grinding Levels

Back to work, and back to the feeling that I just can’t get a lot of mental free time when I’m home at 5:30 and in bed at 10.  Every Christmas I feel like my mind is free to roam where it may, I write more, I mess around with music, and I generally just get a lot done.  Then I get back to work and it all goes away.  Even before Max was born I observed this.  With so little time between work and bed I can’t seem to get any motivation beyond relaxing and eating, and now most of my effort is focused solely on spending time with Max.

Now the question is am i just making this up or am I really that drained by work?  If so, what then?

Things from today:

First really challenging bike ride in the snow so far this year.  I slid once and decided not to ride home.  My neighborhood (Greenfield) is actually pretty well plowed but Squirrel Hill seems to always be treacherous after the snow.

Riding the bus for the next few days means a good 40 minutes portable gaming each way.

Max got scared and freaked out when we were visiting a newborn baby today and the baby started crying.  Very cute and sad.

Gummy Bear heat death.

I’m very seriously considering using my iPhone as an iPod touch, putting my SIM card in my old Nokia beast and getting rid of my data plan.  It just costs too much.

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