Google Desktop Search vs. Ignorance

Google has released a beta tool that allows a user to search through Outlook, AIM, IE and Text files on a pc. Sounds pretty cool, though I do wish they’d broaden their horizons a bit. Of course they’re looking to appeal to the lowest common denominator, so whatever.

Privacy advocates are unsurprisingly going ape-shit over the fact that Desktop Search is user-independant. That is to say, it searches the whole computer, and not just the user’s files. Hello? World? This is Windows. This is not Unix or Linux or OSX or whateverthefuck. Despite the advances they have made, Windows is still essentially built for the single user in mind. Users can essentially access anything on an NT based device by using the advanced search function. Securing individual users’ files is something that is not enabled by default. So why the fuss? Google is simply taking advantage of the inherent lack of security in Windows. They had a choice: restrict the search to just the user profile, or provide something useful and search the actual locations of where people (and shitty programs) store their data.

Nothing to see here people, move along.