Goddamn life

I’m literally missing my most heavily anticipated concert/movie of the year so I can finish my homework, and I haven’t even been slacking off this week!

Update: Decided to skip my homework and go anyway. I have to say I enjoyed it a great deal, though Text of Light ultimately isn’t the most involving film, the music was generally perfect and well considered. Very organic and even though DJ Olive was at a laptop for most of the movie everything seemed to gel quite nicely. Tim Barnes in particular seemed to be really listening to what everyone was doing. Near the end they did the “lets get really loud now to close it off thing” which seemed a bit forced, but overall it was pretty great.

I missed most of the first film whose soundtrack featured Micah Gough late of the Pittsburgh jazz combo 40 stories. It was from ’95 so I assume it was something local. The second film, by Bruce Connor was called “Looking for Mushrooms” and was an amazing bit of humanity completely saturated by the drones of Terry Riley. I love Riley and completely fell into this movie because of his trance music. It was totally sweet, as the kids say. The movie seemed to be shot at like 2 frames a second and gave you just long enough to absorb each image until it jumped on a bit.

According to the Cortical Foundation the soundtrack was culled from Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band All Night Flight Purple Modal Strobe Ecstasy with the Daughters of Destruction, which I own. It was much more saturated and loud than I remember it. Speaking of Poppy Nogood, I’ll never understand why they decided to split that album into little chunks that break in between tracks in a way that totally jars you.

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  1. i love your life at low res section. that’s so great you’re actually using your cameraphone. i hope to see many sneaky pictures.

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