Give me a better Dock

I really wish the Dock in OS X were a little more customizable. I also wish there were some way to make commonly used apps cluster themselves together, and a way you could easily switch between windows instead of apps. This was something that was very much a part of OS 9, and became a part of windows, but has been lost since.
The thing about apps clustering themselves together would be that instead of placing all the apps you think you are most likely to use in a place in the dock, self-clustering apps would organize themselves based on when they are running. This would cut down the amount of searching across the dock you have to do when you want to switch between apps.
I suppose I could always use expose. I does not have me convinced yet.

2 thoughts on “Give me a better Dock”

  1. Hot corners help a lot. In fact, I don’t ever use the function keys. I wonder if I could assign it to a keystroak combination on the standard layout, as the function keys take me out of “the process” just as much as reaching for a mouse.

    Command tab takes you between apps though. Command ~ takes you between windows within apps. WHat I’d like to do is cycle through windows, regardless of app, based on last used and out from that order. From what I have seen. The clustering I’d like though is- if you have to look to the dock, have the apps self organize according to usage, kind of like Windows self organizing menus, except not totally shitty.

  2. Command-tab kind does the clustering thing you are talking about. The apps are placed in the order that you have accessed them. If you want to keep switching between two apps, command-tab will do it for you with one keystroke.

    I have found expose much mroe practical when i set a hot corner for it. I do tend to use expose when i get around 15 or 20 windows open.

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