Fixing Movies Online

So I’m not even going to touch delivery to the living room, because that’s still a big question (but Tivo + Netflix is a match made in heaven).

iTunes is getting pretty close to giving people what they want when it comes to downloadable movies, but they *still* complain about the time it takes to download the movie. They want to start streaming it now, it takes too long to download. Who cares? Its a frickin’ movie!

How do we fix it? Turn on the netflix stylee:

Give people a queue, and give them a delivery box (amazon Unboxed was close)- some kind of app that is not a web browser. The box runs in the background and gives you a little “shelf” that shows the titles you have. You watch the titles and send them back. Then they deliver you the next title in your queue.

The real key here is get rid of instant on video, and get rid of progress bars! Have people play with their queues and make sure they know when their media is “delivered”.

We’re just shifting the netflix model onto the net. We’re shifting people’s expectations from “instant on” to “Netflixing” their movies. Watch them when they arrive, send them back when they’re done- all online.

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