Few things to fix

Few things to fix in this here blog. Hopefully this will become my central repository for thoughts, music reviews, indulgence to the extreme etc.
DDRMAX2 is alright. There are some decent melodies but nothing too fantastic. Also, the balance between difficulty settings seems a bit off. I’ve AA’d almost every song in light mode, but I’m not even close in standard, and I haven’t even touched it in Heavy yet. I’ve unlocked endless but the last time i tried I didn’t get farther than five songs- its highly configurable though, so I’ll go back to it eventually. Lately I’ve been doing DDR Workout mode with my own program of 20 songs. They sit very high on the pop side of the game, if such a thing exists…

[Listening to: God (Interlude) – Andre 3000 – Speakerboxxx/The Love Below (2:19)]

One thought on “Few things to fix”

  1. i so totally agree with your comments about DDRMAX2. there’s just something unfilling about most these new songs and their steps – with the exception of break down! which i love so much. there’s so much 70’s, like in the navy, why why why?

    i really do like endless mode. i totally failed after 4 songs!! i like that though, it will help me refine my skillzzzzz

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