Fall TV Roundup Part I

How I Met Your Mother:
Mildly interesting premised almost entirely ruined by bad sitcom acting, timing, filming etc. After enjoying Scrubs and Arrested Development for so long, a “multi-camera” sitcom like this seems incredibly crass, staged and just fake overall. With that said, the one guy from Freaks and geeks is in it, Allyson Hannigan is in it and Doogie Howser absolutely steals the show as the womanizing “Barney”. I may watch it again but ultimately the format itself ruins it. I HATE CANNED LAUGHTER!

Kitchen Confidential
Looking back, I’m not even sure this was really funny- it played out like a half hour drama. That may be a good thing though- despite some braodness in the characters, they’ve got a really good jumping off point for drama and comedy with a great mix of types (the rube, the irishman) and setting. We’ll see if they can stay with it but I’d definitely watch it again. Single camera format makes for a much better show.

Arrested Development
Picks up where last season left off, and is great because of it. This show is amazing!

Total mentions of the word “blog”- 2 so far. I’ll update the count as they come. This either confirms my conspiracy theory that their are television production talking points that are supposed to be integrated broadly across shows, or that the two comedies I watched are either trying to be edgy (How I met your mother) or are edgy (AD). It helped that Doogie is the one who said it. The dude invented blogs!

More to come…