El Producto Placemento

Two this week so far:
Willow and the guy from Freaks and Geeks took an argument break at Red Lobster on How I Met Your Mother, which was even kinda excusable because it really fit in with the general goofy/corniness of the show. Nice “Brought to you in part by Red Lobster” during the credits.
Scrubs is totally using “Zoom zoom zoom” as an “Oh Snap!” replacement. I don’t even know if I’d think it was product placement except NBC really lays it on. There was an episode of Will & Grace that was practically about the Xbox of all things, and the office had the iPod thing, which was well played but nicely coincided with the launch of The office on iTMS.
Zoom zoomzoom zooooom!
Scrubs is now doing the “Chili’s baby back ribs song.”

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