Ego Searching (Milestone 6)

So what better way to look into online research than seeing what kind of fingerprints you’ve left on the ‘net. With Snyder chapter 6 in mind, I’ve done some cursory searching on Yahoo, Google and All The Web resulting in (literally) an embarrassment of riches.

Things I’ve long since forgotten:

  • My top 20 from 1996
  • A Picture of Edith Frost I Took in 1997
  • Record reviews and other strangeness from
  • The WPTS Top 30 from November 1996?
  • Weird places my name turns up in:

  • A fix for iTunes 5.0, stolen from the apple support page
  • My name in a NYT ad for Mozilla Firefox
  • Wrestling Team
  • Weird message boards
  • An online music magazine


  • My Muhlberger Paper
  • A very old group project
  • Somehow, my actual blog.

    Things I’d rather weren’t there at all.

    Finally, people who aren’t me:

  • Travelogue Weirdness
  • Some pianist

    Weird, wild stuff. And so concludes Milestone number 5, the ego search.

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