Early Rise

I’ve been trying to wake up at 6AM to exercise for almost too years now, with varying degrees of success. This morning I woke up and had a visit with Maya. Successful. Yet, as you can see below, I will now suffer throughout the day because of my attempt at body/schedule restructure.

I am at my most alert when being chased by a bear. Waking up at 6am leaves me at roughly 55% awareness/responsiveness. Running at 55%, I am prone to dropping things, bumping things, forgetting things and general crankiness (or more so than usual anyway).

Please see the attached chart:

3 thoughts on “Early Rise”

  1. I postulate that when being chased by a bear, the combination of fear and adrenaline will tap into my most animal nature. I will be truly wide awake.
    And no, Maya did not make the chart.

  2. Did your virtual trainer make this chart for you? How does it know how alert you are when being chased by a bear.

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