E3 was destroyed by bloggers.

Well, I’m exaggerating a little, but not much. This year’s E3 was a disaster for everyone- too many people, too many exhibitors, million dollar exhibits etc. Time was that trade shows were about delivering a controlled message along with some very nice booze, food and free shit to a handful of industry reps that would then get the message out. In the games industry this meant toy stores, video game sellers and the small video game press.

These days, the video game press is literally everyone with a blog, and most of them went to E3. The resulting dissemination and deconstruction of every single tidbit of information that could possibly be squeezed out of the show was something the industry was simply not prepared for and does not know how to handle. I’m wagering that E3 is changing not because of the cost, but because Sony got their asses handed to them by a competitive, noisy gaming press who was setting up E3 as a fight between winners and losers- and gave the E3 organizers an ultimatum.

So there you go, the blogosphere has destroyed E3, and possibly other trade shows, for the forseeable future. I for one welcome our new blogging overlords.

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