E-Rulemaking- Digital Citizen Episode 2

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In episode two of Digital Citizen we feature more DC news as well as “Governance Nuggets”- news and commentary by students from the Digital Governance course at the University of Pittsburgh. Then we move on to Dr. Stuart Shulman and his recent trip to Kazakhstan and his E-Rulemaking Research.

DC News:

Massachusetts pulls back on Open Document:

Jason Cohen on Corbis

Sony Debacle Continues

Salvatore Moschella on Digital Dumping

SBC Punishes New Orleans over Municipal Wireless Internet Access

Eva Wright

E911 Off the Hook

Patty on Evangelical Blogging

More trouble for the Wikipedia

Joohyun on Podcasting and citizen media.


Space Mountain Rants on Copyrighted Culture

Stuart Shulman

Shulman & E-Rulemaking

One story we didn’t get to mention this week was the use of Machinima to create political films- in this case a movie about the Paris Riots using a video game called “The Movies.” Check it out!

Episode 3 will be up next week.

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