So last night I had yet another end-of-the-world dream. Dreams about said end of world have been plaguing me since I was in third grade at least.

Last night:

Lots of the bad weather and earthquakes that have been happening in reality seem to have seeped in, as it is explained that these phenomena were in fact leading to the complete destruction of humanity. This of course was apparently known by the Bush administration for some time, but kept from the public. As the world got worse, a select few were allowed to board escaping rockets to a settlement on mars that had been built in secret- shades of Lifter anyone? Anyway, the rockets were all a ruse, the purpose of which I’m not sure. As they launched, they all exploded and the people aboard them were killed. We watched in horror as our last chance for survival went out the window and we were left to die on a planet whose demise had long been known by powers higher than us that chose to do nothing. Shades of Firefly (Heart of Gold script), Battlestar Galactica mini-series, The Core (i guess) and probably many other disaster related media that I can’t think of at the moment.

Other fantastic dreams:

In DC at the steps of congress, watching GW give a speech about how everything is going wonderfully, we are winning the war on terror. In the distance, an explosion and mushroom cloud. The blast very slowly makes its way to the audience and completely destroys us all, the whole time GW is speechmaking.

In my youth:

Watching the steam rise out of the Susquahanna Nuclear Power plant while standing on a cliff, somewhere in Hazleton. Suddenly the steam is all sucked back into the steam towers and then immediately shoots straight up in a giant black column that eventually turns into a mushroom cloud and kills us all.

Watching the sky outside of my classroom of Arthur Street Elementary school as it turns a deep red. The “camera” then circles out from me to show that our school is perched on a cliff, and is some kind of highly modern structure. Zoom back to me as I watch a giant mushroom cloud explode beyond some mountains in the distance. Blast makes its way to us, circle out to the school building to watch it collapse off of the mountain, killing us all.

Two things tie this all together- nukes, and an overwhelming sense of dread that I do not feel every day, with one exception. That exception of course being the morning of September 11.

Maybe one day I’ll talk about some other dreams, including the famous (to me) ‘Kema turns into a yellow and blacked striped freakazoid by squeezing in between our oven and our counter’ and ‘God the giant golden surgeon of light urges me to leave life behind’ which took place in a drug induced stupor during one of my chemo sessions.

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  1. what about when fozzie and kermit turned into a great big fuzzy vibrating tylenol?

    oh wait, that really happened!!

    zing 🙂

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