I know I’m getting old but goddamn it if every time I try to play this remake of a game that was never even released in the US I barely make it to the second stage before I throw the PSP off the bus.  Maybe this is why I play RPGs so much- they don’t require the dexterity and willingness for torture that a game like this demands.  Indeed this is what most games demanded back in the day.  RPGs, especially the old school Japanese variety I’ve been playing lately feel like a walk in the park, repetitive, simple gameplay and a sense of progression whose only requirement is your time.  Of course back then I was more than happy to use a cheat or code I picked up in Nintendo Power, these days I have some kind of purist mentality that demands I avoid gamefaqs unless absolutely necessary.  Absolutely necessary should not be before I reach the end of the second stage.  And what is the deal with hiding the aspects of this game that i actually want- Castlevania- Symphony of the Night and the original Dracula X ROM- within the game itself?  This one is heading right up to the unfun category.

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