Discipline, boredom, laziness, fear.

So I have a million ideas bubbling around in my head. Summer is a great time for ideas as I spend a lot of time walking around and this year and last I haven’t taken any classes. Some of these ideas are really good, I think. I’d really like to do something with them. But then, I do nothing. Just as I start to begin putting something together I pull back. Its a combination of all of the above. I can’t get passed it. I should probably chalk in a little bit of internet addiction as well. I spend hours browsing blogs and reading message boards when I can be productive. Of course a lot of people spend that time watching tv and movies, which I generally avoid unless I have something very specific to watch, so is it any worse?
The bottom line is I that have some real opportunities to, if nothing else, fulfill this desire to create and be productive. I let them pass me by. Soon it will be July and I’ll be too hot to do anything. I wish that was a joke. Ugh.

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