Dinner Time

Sooooooo we tried to go out to dinner with Max tonight. For the first time, just Mom and Dad and Baby went out to El Campesino and we assumed, incorrectly, that Max would be well behaved.  Usually when we eat dinner we keep him occupied with a biscuit and some toys and he’ll keep more or less quiet while we quickly scarf down our food.  And usually when we go out for whatever reason he is too distracted to get upset.  Perhaps because it was just the three of us tonight, or perhaps he’s grown out of it, he basically started yelling as soon as we stopped paying attention to him.  I vowed not to be “that family” that brings out a whiney baby to dinner and keeps everyone else from enjoying their meal, but tonight I broke that vow.  Thankfully it was good friday and the place was basically empty.  Maybe we’ll wait a few more years.

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