Day 1

Its time for me to get serious about losing weight again. I’ve been fluctuating around 190 for a while now, but I’m just about at 200lbs and having a really hard time limiting my carb intake. I was watching Everything Must Go and Will Farrel’s behavior as a relapsing alcoholic reminded me a little too much of my sugar intake, so I think its time for a rethink.

A time management course I took recently suggested that you need 21 days to get rid of old habits and forge ahead with new. So consider this day 1.

Moving on…

Well it started off well enough, minus the giant bowls of cereal, until someone brought in Salt Water taffy from their vacation and…things went downhill quickly. I managed to keep it in check for the rest of the day. Ate a slice of chocolate cake too. OK so that didn’t go so well.

According to myfitnesspal:
burned 969 calories
consumed 2530 2776 (forgot the piece of sour cherry cake leliana gave me) calories

I burned 303 more than I ate, but I still don’t feel good about it.

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