Crossy’s Revenge

David Cross will be on Air America’s Majority Report tomorrow night. I am going to try and capture the stream somehow. I think I may prefer Majority Report to the O’Franken Factor, but that is probably because Janeane Garofalo is such a doll.

2 thoughts on “Crossy’s Revenge”

  1. I totally agree. She is like the loud liberal Rush Limbaugh..and before AAR she was a highly rated highly paid talk radio host! Who knew such things could survive.

  2. It is hard to resist the Garofalo. But, dammit, I missed the episode where Steve Colbert filled in.

    I think Randi Rhodes might the best on that network, that isn’t to say I enjoy her show the most, but she definitely knows how to work her radio personality. At least she is using a proven formula, and I think that counts for something.

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