Circumventing lawsuits by writing the law

So while listening to today’s Buzz Out Loud, it occurred to me that not only is the tiered internet in place (to a degree), but the push for tiered internet law is not so they can implement it. Its so they don’t get sued for doing it. Because they already are. Duh.

By the by, I quite enjoy Buzz Out Loud and and the Buzz Report- the hosts are a little less out of touch than the T.W.I.T crowd, which I really hate to say, but its just true. Leo and co don’t know what’s going on half the time and the other half they’re talking down the rest of the cast. Molly Wood has guested on TWIT a few times and she generally runs with them pretty well, but a lot of times Dvorak and Leo just talk over her. Like they do with everyone I guess. So annoying. The show would be better if she were a permanent host. And if Leo could figure out a business plan instead of crossing his fingers and hoping for a pimp to come along.

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  1. I feel that molly wood is a breath of fresh air whenever she is on TWIT. I have been meaning to check out her podcast. I’ll go subscribe now. I am interested in hearing the analysis you are talking about.

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