Peter David’s Sagittarius is Bleeding

Has anyone else read this?  If you were turned off by the other BSG novels you may want to check this out.  Personally I was ecstatic to find out David was trying his hand at a BSG story.

The story itself revolves around a minority religious group within the fleet who worship a pantheon we all know and love- that isn’t greco roman.  It also touches on Baltar, Roslin’s visions, a pretty deep investigation into Sharon’s abilities as a cylon as well as her motivations, the Cylon blood in Laura and…BOXEY.

Overall, the book was pretty good.  It’s writing is kind of rushed and is heavily padded with a lot of boring exposition, but overall, it sells itself as a BSG story pretty well.  All the characters speak in their own voices.

I did have an issue with how he approaches Baltar’s cylon detector, and I think he treats Laura’s visions a bit too literally…and the ending reeks of pulp novel sci-fi silliness but WITH ALL THAT SAID- it was pretty darn good.  Quick read that kept my cravings at bay while I’m waiting for Exodus.