In Good Company

Nice to see our Mayor decided to take a page from the Bush administration’s handbook with his unchallenged response regarding why he left town on the night a huge storm was about to bring his city to a halt.

No one?  Did anyone laugh at him when he told reporters no one thought there would be more than 4 to 8 inches of snow?

Road crews prep for possibility of major snowfall (Feb 4)

6 to 12 inches of snow predicted by national weather service (Feb 4)

Western PA prepares as big storm begins (Feb 5)

6 to 12 inches of snow to hit Pittsburgh (Feb 4)

Hope you can live with it, Mr. Mayor.

In which we bike around Pittsburgh

Gmaps Bike Ride Around Pittsburgh

Gmaps Pedometer Map


Decided to take a long bike ride this morning rather than a long run.  I headed towards Braddock and then through Homestead to the southside, crossed the Smithfield Street Bridge, drove up through Larryville on Penn, East Lib, back to Braddock Ave, then home through Squirrel Hill.  27ish miles all told.  I’m interested to see if my legs hurt tomorrow because I didn’t really feel that tired at the end. Pics after the break… Continue reading In which we bike around Pittsburgh

That Pittsburgh Funk

Despite outcries to the contrary, Pittsburgh does indeed smell. Is it possible that my being from another city, an old coal city high up in the mountains of NEPA, that said smell is more apparent to my (large) nose than others? Dawn claims not to notice. In fact almost no one I know seems to notice, but let me tell you something: On the misty, humid evenings this city can’t seem to avoid, a sewer-esque stench descends upon us, and it fills our homes, our streets, our hearts and minds. Initially I figured it was just the rising funk of the college kids in South Oakland, until I moved. That smell is everywhere I have ever been. With almost no industrial production left in the city itself, one wonders why the smell persists. Why the smell Pittsburgh? Why?