vintage violence: a n00b trilogy

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Dawn:  “Chapter One: It’s like phoning it in meets Being John Malkovich.”

Luke:  “Chapter Two:  A truly experimental film.  In this case, a failed experiment.”

Mark:  “Chapter Three:  A rumination on the search for individual identity amongst the rigidity of a routinized life.”

Early Rise

I’ve been trying to wake up at 6AM to exercise for almost too years now, with varying degrees of success. This morning I woke up and had a visit with Maya. Successful. Yet, as you can see below, I will now suffer throughout the day because of my attempt at body/schedule restructure.

I am at my most alert when being chased by a bear. Waking up at 6am leaves me at roughly 55% awareness/responsiveness. Running at 55%, I am prone to dropping things, bumping things, forgetting things and general crankiness (or more so than usual anyway).

Please see the attached chart: