Taking a break from all my worries.

Suddenly its been a few weeks since I posted anything, so consider this a return.  I went to an amazing wedding at the end of April, and had the opportunity to spend some much needed time with family.

I updated my PBT today and realized that I’ve only read one book so far this year.  I’m not particularly upset about it but it was surprising.  In related news, we scored some tickets to see Anthony Bourdain speak when he comes to Pittsburgh in June.

Lots coming up- family gatherings, playdates, weddings and birthdays and about six weeks from now we’ll be introducing Max to the ocean.  Assuming it isn’t completely destroyed by then.

All in all

I may have been complaining a bit last week about how hard things are with Max, but honestly whatever little problems we have with him are so tiny compared to the joy he fills us with every day.  He is a miracle and a joy to be around and at the end of the day when I am totally beat I can’t wait to ride home and run in the door so our little family can share some time.  I am the luckiest person in the world.

Transitioning into Night

I’ve fought very hard to keep my workouts to the morning.  I used to relish getting up at 5 and doing some pushups, situps and yoga before going on a 10 mile run.  These days I’m lucky if I’m out of bed at 7, and still not well rested.  So I’ve moved my workouts to evening, something I’d hoped never to do- I feel like I’m taking time out of my life at this point, but at this point I’m losing the battle, so its got to be done.

Dinner Time

Sooooooo we tried to go out to dinner with Max tonight. For the first time, just Mom and Dad and Baby went out to El Campesino and we assumed, incorrectly, that Max would be well behaved.  Usually when we eat dinner we keep him occupied with a biscuit and some toys and he’ll keep more or less quiet while we quickly scarf down our food.  And usually when we go out for whatever reason he is too distracted to get upset.  Perhaps because it was just the three of us tonight, or perhaps he’s grown out of it, he basically started yelling as soon as we stopped paying attention to him.  I vowed not to be “that family” that brings out a whiney baby to dinner and keeps everyone else from enjoying their meal, but tonight I broke that vow.  Thankfully it was good friday and the place was basically empty.  Maybe we’ll wait a few more years.


At this point I can hardly think. My mom is coming this weekend and I’ll be more than happy to pass Max off for a few hours. Maybe Dawn and I can actually go out someplace nice.

Grown-Up Time (with Baby in tow)

Had a chance to actually hang out with some grown ups tonight- friends of ours invited us out to the kid-friendly Church Brew Works and we happily took them up on the offer. Make no mistake that the Brew Works was probably not intended to be kid friendly, but with its huge ceilings and various nooks and crannies, kids can make a lot of noise, explore the place, and generally drive their parents up a tree. Of course, none of this counts for a 7 month old.

Still, it was nice to see them. We traded tips, talked about music and work and lamented our passing youth. Things like this make me realize that I need to talk to my friends more in places that aren’t called “The Interweb”

Growing Pains

3 Months ago Max was sleeping through the night and would wake up around 5 for a feeding.  3 months ago today we woke up at 4:30, fed him and packed up the car to head to Hazleton to visit his grandparents, aunts and uncles.  This is the plan tomorrow, except Max is now up for at least an hour a night and usually much more.  He likely won’t be ready to eat at 5 and we’ll still have to leave, which may also mean crankiness and feeding in the car, etc.  Should be interesting.  I’m not going to lie, I’m exhausted beyond measure, and have been all week, and driving across Pennsylvania is the last thing I want to do right now.

Bricks for Young Adults Booklet Release Party – 3/20/2010

I’ve mentioned this before, but wanted to mention that the booklet is being released this month, and my contribution is indeed inside it.  Charissa is doing amazing work with this, work I’d love to do more of if I was’t so hung up and lazy.  I’m debating whether to read my contribution at the party, I’d definitely like to attend but we’ll see what happens.  The poster is of course the work of the incomparable Mike Budai.