My 7+ Point Plan for E-Rulemaking

1. Update the legislation!2. Create and fund an organization dedicated to providing software tools for rulemaking bodies to:

  • publicize comment periods, collect comment information
  • quantify the information
  • allow discussion between the public, the agency and other stakeholders
  • This software “company” will produce software whose source is open to all government agencies and educational institutions for use and modification as they see fit.

3. Capitalize on the collected knowledge of the internet through moderated, wiki-like knowlegde resources. These resources can be modified and updated by users who have registered and applied for certain credentials.

4. Advertise, for free, on the internet through communication with prominent bloggers, news sites and message boards. This is not PR, this is creating discussion. Show stakeholders you are interested in their opinion and at least some of them will make a strong effort to educate themselves and participate.

5. Use social tagging and moderation tools to evaluate public comments:

  • Create a jury of moderators from agency members, stakeholder representatives, and elected citizens who have applied for the position online
  • Moderators will evaluate user messages and rate them, a la Slashdot etc. Higher rated messages can then be filtered and recorded for later advisement.
  • Again, like slashdot: Allow users the opportunity to moderate as well, on a limited basis, providing a perspective that appointed moderators may have missed.
  • Create a centralized database that stores user participation and evaluation. Users will build up a “trusted” level over time, and those users will be more likely to be allowed “user moderation” tools during the comment process.

6. Educate.
7. Fund.

This is admittedly idealistic and naive, but that’s how we get good things done, so live with it. Please tear this apart. I would seriously like to see if we can build something workable by discussing this.

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