Too Much Self Quantifying

I think I’m going to take a break from for a while. Its an incredibly handy tool for watching calories but I think it also feeds into some really bad habits for me. Specifically, when I find myself at a serious calorie deficiency (whether real or not- you can’t really trust the calorie counts you get on mfp, though its as good as any), I quickly find myself headed down the slippery slope of indulging. And I never make up those calories in healthy food- its sugary stuff, clif bars, builder’s bars and the like. Soon enough I’m ignoring myfitnesspal and avoiding watching what I eat.

I’m going back to sensible portions and exercise, I’m avoiding super-deep calorie counting for now, and hoepfully it’ll have a positive outcome.

Also, hello blog.

Day 1

Last try before I die.

Had a nice run today, rode my bike in the heat. Minimized eating though I did dig into a sundae after dinner 🙁

weight: 194.6

Calories consumed: 1724
Calories burned: 1053
surplus: 1400

Day 2: Trial By Donut

Letting Max choose where to go for breakfast did me in early and I had a hard time stopping myself for the rest of the day. A late decision to ride bikesdowntown offset it a bit. All told its a number I can live with but not great.

whoops forgot about the bowl of mac & cheese I ate.

calories consumed: 3151
calories burned: 321
surplus: -720

Time to start again.

Day 8: Epic Fail

The glee with which I ran out of the house to go on a date with my lady quickly translated to overindulging on an epic scale. Macarons and Crepes from Paris 66, a full movie sized box of Reece’s Pieces while watching Moonrise Kingdom and finally a Kinder Chocolate right before bed.

Rather than keeping on this trip, I think its time to reset the 21 days counter and begin again, with the hopes that I may try again not to break the chain. As I wrote yesterday this is the hardest time in weight loss for me, I’m going to try really hard to do it right.

calories consumed:  3364
calories burned: 672
calories remaining: -582

Gloriously rough day.

Day 7: Pulled Pork

Managed a great day of not constantly thinking about food and generally being pretty good when we decided to wait until my mom showed up at 8 before we had dinner. Tried and failed to only eat a little bit, but damn that sweet baby rays, hfcs-laden goodness. Still more-or-less hit my mark even with Dawn’s duo-berry muffins.

calories consumed: 2075
calories burned: 50 (aborted weights session)
surplus: 78

weight: 190.5 (nearing 10lbs now)
Usually around this time I start binging because I feel I’ve justified enough weight loss. This is the most precarious time.

Day 6: Saturday Morning Maintenance

If you can make it through a day spent with family and not go over your calorie needs for the day, let alone consume less than you burn, that is a great success. It’s a shame the days I don’t really have the opportunity to work out are the days when the most food presents itself.


Well I managed to make the day with a calorie surplus. Sometimes the worst part about managing your eating is the feeling that your doing so is extremely conspicuous when around others.

Consumed: 1527 calories
Burned: 0 (through regular workout routine anyway. I imagine I burned off quite a bit in the pool today.)
Surplus: 583 calories

Day 5: Failed Test

Ya blew it. -Tim & Eric

Cathy and Barb’s retirement breakfast had me consuming far more for breakfast than I should have. Managed an hour walk in 95 degree heat and ate practicality nothing the rest of the day but still felt mentally and physically sick about it the rest of the day.

There are always setbacks, so let’s continue shall we?

Consumed: 2814 cals
Burned: 417 cals
Surplus: -286 cals

Day 4: Exhaust

So hot today, combined with trying to get Theo to sleep, meant that I didn’t exercise as much as I’d like to have. Managed about 17 miles back and forth to work and to Hillman on my bike though, so not bad. Eating was kept reasonable, although a coworker brought me a Chocolate Dipped Malt Cupcake from Vanilla. Needless to say it was consumed.

consumed: 1868 calories (very rough estimate today- had Lunch at Point Brugge)
burned:  736 calories
surplus: 978 calories

Day 3: Incredulity

Somehow I lost four pounds in the last 24 hours. Yeah I don’t know.

All in all it was not a bad day. I fought back the urge to over eat but I still had a piece more of pizza than I would have liked. Its funny though, even a day of relatively moderate eating brings me right to the cusp of consuming more calories than I’d burn if I didn’t ride my bike so much.

calories burned: 666
calories ingested: 1910
surplus: 866 calories


Day 2: Cry It Out

All in all, pretty successful day, despite the donut I ate for breakfast and the carrot cake I ate for dessert. I did resist the urge for a  second donut, and I’m calling that a win.

calories burned: 1425
calories ingested: 2282
surplus: 1253 calories, if Runkeeper and MyFitnessPal’s estimates are reasonable.

Day 1

Its time for me to get serious about losing weight again. I’ve been fluctuating around 190 for a while now, but I’m just about at 200lbs and having a really hard time limiting my carb intake. I was watching Everything Must Go and Will Farrel’s behavior as a relapsing alcoholic reminded me a little too much of my sugar intake, so I think its time for a rethink.

A time management course I took recently suggested that you need 21 days to get rid of old habits and forge ahead with new. So consider this day 1.

Moving on…

Well it started off well enough, minus the giant bowls of cereal, until someone brought in Salt Water taffy from their vacation and…things went downhill quickly. I managed to keep it in check for the rest of the day. Ate a slice of chocolate cake too. OK so that didn’t go so well.

According to myfitnesspal:
burned 969 calories
consumed 2530 2776 (forgot the piece of sour cherry cake leliana gave me) calories

I burned 303 more than I ate, but I still don’t feel good about it.

Transitioning into Night

I’ve fought very hard to keep my workouts to the morning.  I used to relish getting up at 5 and doing some pushups, situps and yoga before going on a 10 mile run.  These days I’m lucky if I’m out of bed at 7, and still not well rested.  So I’ve moved my workouts to evening, something I’d hoped never to do- I feel like I’m taking time out of my life at this point, but at this point I’m losing the battle, so its got to be done.