In which we bike around Pittsburgh

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Decided to take a long bike ride this morning rather than a long run.  I headed towards Braddock and then through Homestead to the southside, crossed the Smithfield Street Bridge, drove up through Larryville on Penn, East Lib, back to Braddock Ave, then home through Squirrel Hill.  27ish miles all told.  I’m interested to see if my legs hurt tomorrow because I didn’t really feel that tired at the end. Pics after the break… Continue reading In which we bike around Pittsburgh

Space Oddity

I found this at a yard sale over the weekend. A Japanese Sega Saturn. The missing link between the Genesis and the Dreamcast, and largely considered a massive failure on all counts. It was $5 so I couldn’t say no, but what to do with it?

It only plays Japanese games, and while I’ve read that the voltage differences between Japanese and American electronics are minute enough to get it to power on if I plug it in, doing so may shorten the lifespan of the device.

Ebay gold, perhaps?