With Episode 4 it was just starting to hit a nice groove too. I can see why the masses didn’t like WonderFalls – Jaye’s horrible attitude, the general ‘quirkiness’. I enjoyed the show quite a bit though, and couldn’t wait to see just where it went. Oh well. Now I have the end of Angel and the quickly slowly-getting-worse Alias to watch.

4 thoughts on “Cancelled”

  1. Apparently one of the reasons it was cancelled was that women generally despise the main character very strongly. Except Audrey. I think cynical rich chicks are seeexxayyy. Though I do think that her privelaged life is one of the reasons people aren’t too into it. Its what happens when you give writers too much room to breathe- they write about what they know a little to well…

  2. i only saw one ep of wonderfalls, but it made me really angry. like visually it was cool with all the things talking or whatever, but i saw the ep where she was idolized by that girl for being a typical “gen y’er”. the episode made me really angry – and i didn’t like it at all. oh, what a rebel an overly priviledged ivy leagure graduate girl she is. she’s taking a stand against her pretentious family so she choses to give herself a bad life so she can make a statement by being a slacker and live in a trailer. so much so that she writes the article and gets no credit. i only saw this one ep, but it just made me really angry.

  3. i was totally digging this show too! it’s like a uber-sarcastic amelie. i can’t believe it’s already done for. those fucking networks needs to get a clue.

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