Brick by brick building a structure to support young adults in my community.

Bricks is a project started by fellow ‘Burgher Charissa to help build a support structure for young adults here in the city.  Like many of us, she’d dealt first hand with cancer and had to face much of it without the support we assume is there.  I remember when I was getting treated and when I returned to Pittsburgh after my treatment I felt lost and alone, and I know that a lot of that was me; but I also remember searching for support groups for people like me and really couldn’t find anything.  Breast cancer, cancer for folks a lot older than myself yes, but there really wasn’t anything for  young survivors, and back then it could have really helped.

As part of the BricksPGH project Charissa is putting together a booklet of stories from young adults who have dealt with cancer and I am truly honored and humbled to say that a story from my experience was accepted to be a part of it.  I just received word that the layout is almost done so it sounds like it will be out soon.

I know I’ve mentioned it before but there is not a day that I don’t think about my experience with cancer.  Doing this actually lifted quite a burden from my mind, a weight I didn’t know was there.   Thanks Charissa!

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