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I generally consider myself pretty well informed when it comes to local music- I don’t really go to local shows any more, but I try to stay on top of the bands, their records and of course I mainline message boards all day long. The myopia induced by not looking outside of the axis upon which the nevertellmetheodds board sits revealed itself to me in the existence of Pittsburgh’s own Black Moth Super Rainbow. These folks have been around for a few years, and it could very well be that like many artists who don’t revolve around a somewhat rockist, sloppy and aggressive aesthetic that tends to dominate Pittsburgh independent and experimental music, BMRC simply sought recognition elsewhere.

They’re playing tomorrow night in the city and I’m going to try and catch them if possible.

Apparently they play all of the music live, which is surprising because although people have compared them to Spacemen 3 (I would say Spectrum) I see a lot of Boards of Canada and some of the Ghost Box material in there. From their bio:

Their sophomore record, “Start A People” (2004) was about recreating the sounds of childhood public broadcast televison and applying them to the Black Moth Super Rainbow formula.

Now if that doesn’t reek of BoC than I don’t know what does. What makes them special though is that they do this kind of music (which they refer to as psychedelic pop) very well and that they’re doing this out of Western Pennsylvania- a place not often known for melodic, electronic pop. The music itself is comprised of lots of fat synths and off-kilter melodies that conjure up a warm, hazy vibe.

Hear for yourself:

Or stream their whole new frickin album (a collaboration with Austin’s Octopus Project) here:
Full Album Stream

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