Bistro 19

Tonight was date night and we had a chance to visit Bistro 19 in Mt. Lebanon.  To sum it up, upscale suburban?  The menu was decent enough but there seems to be no real focus.  Some chicken, some veal, some fish, a …southwestern barbecue salad?  We split a pear and plum salad that had candied walnuts and blue cheese and it was pretty good, though I would have liked a bit of oil and vinegar to sop up with the dry bread they gave us.  My almond chicken with brie sauce and risotto was quite good, but came with the saltiest side of spinach I’ve ever eaten.  Dawn had the Bistro burger, which was a decent size and overall a nice burger.  Wine doesn’t really interest us and that is one of their pitches so I guess we can’t say we have a complete picture.  For the price, I can’t say it was completely worth it.

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