Battlestar Galactica Episode 2×01: “Scattered”

The first episode of the new season of Battlestar Galactica is upon us! Good episode sure…but season opener? I was hoping for a little more. Read on….

I found it a bit odd to focus on whether or not Tigh can stand up and be a man. The Starbuck/Caprica thread gets a single shot, as does Balter, who by all rights should be undergoing some kind of transormation currently. I imagine that having Balter changing sides so early would be a hard thing dramatically for the writers to pull off, or even want to pull of, but I think extending his conversation with Six from the last episode of last season was a bit of a cop out. It went from this bizarre metaphorical dream to Balter freaking out about the baby being his. That’s OK though.

What did I like? Despite its awkward staging, Tyrol and Callie and the red shirt fighting off Cylon snipers was pretty great and upsetting. Tyrol is a great flawed character and I guess something is going to come to a head between he and Crashdown.

Apollo is hugely let down by Laura Roslin’s decision not to stand against Adama, but that whole thread is almost an afterthought. Apollo is out of prison by the end of the episode.

More Gaeta/Cylon agent hints. They’re getting so obvious at this point that I think the writers are putting us on. I hope we see a little more C-Boomer/Helo stuff and that Starbuck being on Caprica doesn’t frak up what was a great thread.

Overall, the episode was good, not great. We felt great when they found the fleet, but wouldn’t it have been even better if we saw whoever was left on Colonial One freaking out over being left without their battlestar? Any other ship in the fleet? where are the refugees man?

Looks like the shits going to hit the fan again next week, so let’s see where it goes. Oh yeah, Cylon Heavy Raider- pretty cool, slightly awkward design. The battle sequence was amazing- especially when Apollo and Cat (I think that’s her name) fly into the Galactica’s “Flak Cloud”. Whoa….