Apple’s Tablet Letdown

Yeah, iPad is a bad name.  I thought Canvas had a nice ring to it.

As a gaming device, it is simply nothing special, as by all accounts it is a giant iPod Touch, the only thing you get as a gamer is a larger screen and in most cases, blown up graphics rather than improved graphics.  The problem of iPod gaming is there is no tactile interface beyond holding the device and sliding your fingers across the screen, the iPad does nothing to resolve it.  This isn’t to say gaming on it won’t be fun, but at $500 minimum you’re better off staying with an iPod touch, or your other sub-$200 portable gaming device.

Beyond gaming, a bigger screen is nice for reading, but not as good as e-ink.  Nice for movies and television and podcasts, but not widescreen?  Functionally, there are almost no differentiating features between it and Apple’s iPad-nanos.  Where are the rumored two camera’s for video chat?  Where is the facial recognition for passing the device around the room?  No mention of medical use when that is the only functional market for tablet computing?

Granted, this is a first generation Apple device and one need only look at the iPhone to see what can happen in a single software (or hardware) generation, but the iPad has a long way to go.

Jamie’s got some excellent points (especially regarding how it is a closed platform) here.

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