Of the many things I like about Alias (besides its buffy-lite mixture of action, espionage, empowerment, pain, suffering and continuity) is the score. Yes, it frequently uses lots of pop music during its we-got-this-show-on-the-air-with-the-promise-of-sexy-syd scenes, there is a theme, I’ll call it the Syd’s Suffering theme, that comes in and is always high crying strings. Its very distinctive for a tv show of any kind and is the perfect compliment to the unending torture Sydney Bristow gets put through every week. The strings, when mixed properly with Syd’s pouty lips, get me every time. They really help to communicate loneliness and isolation that Syd faces week after week that makes me scream out, “FOR GOD’S SAKE LET HER LIIIIIIIVVVVEE!” This week, finally, she cracked a smile.

4 thoughts on “Alias”

  1. seriously one of the best episodes is the pilot. so gripping, and sad.
    it’s just all so good. the only problem is when you miss eps, you miss so much.

  2. I have seen almost all of season 1, but didn’t really pick it up until the cia shut down sd-6. I will get around to it eventually. I’m really interested in seeing the early episodes where syd is apparently still in school and has friends who don’t know her identity and such…

  3. duuuuude!
    i didn’t realize you watched alias. i thought you didn’t. it’s the fucking bing room. though you are MISSING. OUT. if you have not seen the first two seasons, which i must say, are far better than this season. not that this season isn’t very good, but first season is out of control awesome. rent the dvds or download them or something. so worth it. let’s just say i watched the whole first season, christine buffy-style, practically over just a weekend.

  4. why am i not surprised that you like alias? i have to admit that i am curious about the show, but have never actually sat down to watch it. maybe if one of you buys the series on dvd or spends the next year downloading all of the episodes, i can mooch it off ya.

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