Alan Light

Listening to Alan Licht’s “A New York Minute” CD, and it didn’t really grab me until track 5, the 20 minute “bridget o’riley.” His new work doesn’t really differ all that much from his old (solo) work. Well known source-samples used in somewhat mundane ways to make occasionally interesting minimalist stuff. I’ve eagerly followed licht for some time now, as his work with Love Child and Run On always grabbed me in the perfectness of its pop. A lot of what he does strikes me as incredibly similar to the work I did with Land, and I’m not sure if its a sign that he’s not trying very hard or that I was on to something. A lot of his loops are so simple and boring they almost kill me, but then, they make sense. And not just in an “experimental minimalist” kind of way. To get more specific, “Bridget O’riley” is a loop-based composition (get it, O’RILEY?, duh) that takes the repetitious keyboard intro from Baba O’Riley and builds on it with more loops from that song that makes for a very engaging bit of listening- for 20 minutes! Its not a hard stretch to pick up on the minimalist-esque sound of Baba O’riley, whether the Who intended it or not, but I’m glad somebody played with it…BECAUSE EVERYBODY KNOWS THE SONG FUCKING ROCKS! I mean, the only reason GBV plays it is because they can’t even come close even though they try- with every song they write. Anyway, check it out.

Btw, he totally stole a track from his “Plays Well” cd from me. Totally!

[Listening to: Bridget O’Riley – Alan Licht – A New York Minute (0:-1)]