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  1. what do you mean by rewrite? I wonder if it has to do with me creating the avec subdomain and just copying over the entire wp directory, then resetting the paths within wordpress. as opposed to using the one click thing properly. does your comments rss function differently?

  2. as a followup to my previous comment. Your comments feed as it is listed on your site is returning a 304 always. If I use the get method, http://avec.teamforce.org/?feed=comments-rss2 for the comments feed then it works. something to do with apache and however you set up that rewrite for the comments. Your main feed may be doing the same thing.

  3. I just wonder about the caching because it seems like it takes a long time for the page to load. However after some testing I guess it only takes a long time ot load if you are the first visitor in the hour. very good, old chap.

    ps. oddly enough, even though your comment feed has the latest comments in it, both bloglines and netnewswire fails to notice them. If i do a refresh in netnewswire, restart it, anything… it refuses to actually refresh. If i do view xml source in netnewwire, it shows the source of the feed from the time at which I addded it. If I delete the feed and resubscribe, then it sees the new items.. but won’t pick any more. very wierd. at first I attributed this to a problem with bloglines, so I switched to netnewswire, but nnw does the same darn thing. wierd.

  4. By update automatically you mean it hits all the feed everytime there is a request for the page? Is there any kind of caching going on?

  5. yes – this is really great. i’ve realized that not many people use categories on teamforce. also i guess you have to run the program in order to aggregate things? the last few posts i’ve made haven’t shown up yet. it would be really cool to have this, and then people can still have their individual designs. it’s also great that it works with moveable type, which i’d rather stick with over wordpress.

  6. I like this a lot. Very cool. I like how the categories from the original blog carry over to this blog, so then we can aggregate content from across teamforce based on categories. The only other thing I might ask is that some text is added somewhere to say where the post came from. I think the permalink clicking back to the original blog is a good move.

    I am setting up a wordpress blog on teamforce for my main presence. Instead off all the little blogs and services I have (flickr, blip.tv, del.icio.us, my blog), I am just going to post everything to this blog.

    oh, one other thing I just noticed, in the rss at the teamforce aggro site, there is still a link to comments rss for each post which is pointing to the teamforce aggro blog.

    this is really really nice. I love it.

  7. very nice! i think i’d read this a lot – would it be hard to clean it up to obviously delineate where each post comes from?

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